The Story of the Tool that Works!

Inventor George Thomas, an avid tournament fisherman was given a vision several years ago.

George was tired of sticking his fingers and losing fish due to faulty unreliable surgical tubing, rubber bands etc. He knew it had to be a better way to hold a trailer hook to a hook. The coffee lid and milk jug techniques worked but without having a tool to apply the plastic he was still sticking his fingers. He envisioned The Hook Pal tool and designed it, it wasn’t perfect, but it worked.

In 2014, George decided to show the fishing tool to Randy Howell winner of The Bassmaster open tournament on the James River.

George knew Randy and valued his opinion. Randy tried it and instantly gave him a positive reaction. Based on that reaction, George decided to introduce the tool to anglers in hopes to market it.


In 2015, George perfected the tool. He was given the opportunity to patent and market it.

George and his wife Deborah being Christians, knew that the tool was more than a fishing tool. Through prayer and faith, they waited for the Lord to show them how this tool could bring glory to His name. They soon realized that the tool would be used as a platform for ministry. It wasn’t long before they were lead to contact Al and Ron Lindner with their idea. Their idea was to put gospel tracts in all packaging and to distribute tracts at fishing expo’s and shows, not just any tracts, but tracts with personal testimonies from fisherman. Al and Ron Lindner got on board and supplied their testimony tracts for the year.


By 2016 the fishing tool was taking the market by storm.

Hank Parker was on board with his testimony tracts and by 2017 Mark Rose. The packaging for retail sales was designed to have scripture “John 3:15” incorporated.


The gospel at work through a fishing tool that works.

The Thomas’s will tell you they have no idea who the Lord has reached through this fishing tool, but they have met and prayed with people they would never have had the opportunity. You can see their excitement when they tell you how blessed and thankful they are to be part of a grand plan. They will tell you it’s not all about a fishing tool, it’s all about ministry opportunities, with awesome products.


Encouraged as others come abroad in their ministry.

When asked what they want to do with this tool, Deborah and George will answer, “where ever our Lord wants to take us.” They also encourage others to come aboard in planting ministry seeds. They’ll tell you, “it’s a great gift to give to a friend, family members, boater, and co-anglers with a bonus including a resource for ministry.”

George and Deborah also encourage you to use your own product as a platform to spread the gospel.

Mathew 4:19 says it best, “Follow me, I will make you fishers of men.”