The Story of the Tool that Works!

The Story of the Tool that Works!

George was tired of sticking his fingers and losing fish due to faulty unreliable surgical tubing, rubber bands etc. He knew it had to be a better way to hold a trailer hook to a hook. The coffee lid and milk jug techniques worked but without having a tool to apply the plastic he was still sticking his fingers. He envisioned The Hook Pal tool and designed it, it wasn’t perfect, but it worked.

Faith, Family & Fishing

The Missions Statement of the Hook-Pal.

Faith: We believe God will draw the loss to himself. Al and Ron Lindner, Hank Parker and Mark Rose, have partnered with Hook-Pal in ministry by providing us with their testimony gospel tracts. We put a tract in every order that is placed through our website. We also put the scripture verse John 3:15 on our clam shell packaging for retail stores. All our wholesale orders display the Christian fish emblem, a sign of our Christian faith.

Family: We place great value on the knowledge, wisdom, and prayers of our immediate and church family when making decisions for the company.

Fishing: We believe Jesus set the example for us to follow when he said in his word, "Follow me, I will make you fishers of men." Matthew 4:19